My imagination and creativity are a curse and a blessing all at the same time. On one hand, I am able to express myself in ways that I love and that I am very passionate about. On the other.. I can easily run away and get lost in those big white clouds. Sometimes it can be quite the journey back to reality.

It has been this way my whole life. One of my first report cards even said "Christopher daydreams too much in class". Well, class sucked and couldn't keep my interest above the cool shit going on in my head. It never really did. Not much ever really does. Suffice it to say, focus is not strong suit. That is until I have a camera in my hand.

Photography has given me the ability to focus. Whenever I am walking around with my camera, the my world isn't clouded by my other thoughts and ideas. I am able to be completely in that moment and see things in a way I wouldn't be able otherwise. I don't want to be over dramatic about it but it is really like closing my eyes and waking up somewhere else where I am a different person who doesn't have any problems focusing. 

I only wish that the editing, marketing and all of the other aspects about trying start a photography business was as easy for me. I have my goals with photography. With every ounce of my body(that is a lot of ounces) I want every accomplishment I have said out loud and in my head. I just have this knack of disappearing in the clouds as soon as I set out to achieve my goals. I'll have about 10 business ideas in a week that I am so convinced I could make work. I will pitch my wife on all 10 and condense it to 5. I will start working on 3 of them and forget about working on my original plan. The end of the week comes and I have 3 turds lying around stinking the whole place up. I scrap them, throw them away and feel like a total fuck up for another week until my next 10 ideas. This goes on and on until I finally find my way out of the clouds and BAM! Here we are. Back to life, back to re-al-ity. 

I wanted to take a moment to write this down. Not only to put it out there for anyone to see but also so I can refer back to it myself. Sometimes I need to be able to call my self out. It is   embarrassing to admit how scattered I can be and how similar my brain is to that of a gold fish. It is also who I am and I need to work with it. Photography is my way. I know it. I think all of the people who know me and feel the passion I put into it know it. This is just a little reminder to focus. 

You can't spell photography without,


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